2008 K-Z Coyote Lite CL250RL

The 2008 K-Z Coyote Lite CL250RL is a lovely Travel Trailer with features both inside and outside to help make camping more enjoyable.

This K-Z Coyote Lite comes with 0 slide, 1 door and 1 awning.

The K-Z Coyote Lite travel trailer has a payload capacity of 1,068 lbs. and a hitch weight of 416 lbs. This makes it the perfect choice for camping trips with friends or family for as much as $21,855.

You will appreciate the comforts inside including the 4 beds, plastic toilet, 13,500 BTUs* automatic air conditioning.

The none table, vinyl floor with the kitchen located in the center comprise a modern look you will love.

With its sleek design and practical interior features, the K-Z Coyote Lite is sure to make your next camping trip a memorable one.



  • Standard Package

  • Outside Grille

  • Tinted Safety Windows

  • Aluminum Wheels

  • Greystone Interior Decor

  • Autumn Interior Decor

  • Passion Interior Decor

  • White Exterior Paint

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