What are Butterfly-Style Car Doors?


Car fans are always attempting to be one-of-a-kind and stand out from the rest, so why not add a set of butterfly doors to your ride? Not only they make quite the statement, but you’ll also enjoy several practical benefits. In this article well explore those advantages as well as compare traditional car doors with these stylish ones. Let’s get started!

Have you ever seen those awe-inspiring butterfly doors – otherwise known as scissor or lambo doors – that open vertically instead of horizontally? This type of door is hinged near the top frame and it swings up, resembling wings in motion. Popularized by Lamborghini Countach, this automotive design has made its mark on the car industry with a distinct look for any vehicle!

Benefits of Butterfly-Style Car Doors

Butterfly-style car doors make maneuvering into and out of your vehicle much easier in tight spaces – due to their vertical opening, they consume less space than traditional car doors. This is especially beneficial for those who find themselves parking in small areas, such as a bustling city or a garage with limited clearance.

Butterfly-style car doors are not only attractive and sure to draw envious looks, they also make a vehicle look more sporty, aggressive and distinct. You’ll be the talk of your neighbourhood when you roll up with these attention-grabbing doors!

Drawbacks of Butterfly-Style Car Doors

While butterfly-style car doors offer many advantages, there are some negative aspects to consider as well. One of the primary difficulties is that these door hinges can be harder to repair than those on regular car doors since they’re situated at the top. As a result, it may be more difficult and time-consuming when replacing or restoring damaged components.

A downside of butterfly-style car doors is that they generally cost more than regular ones, due to their uncommon design and the higher expenses related with production and installation. Furthermore, if these doors were ever damaged it can be tricky to acquire spare parts because they are not as widely used.


If you’re looking to add an extra level of sophistication and individuality to your vehicle, butterfly-style car doors may be a great option. Not only do they offer aesthetic advantages, but also improved access and usability as well. Of course, these door types can be more difficult (and expensive) to repair compared with traditional designs; however, the added flair that this style provides could make it worth your while!

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