About Us

Our website guides visitors from discovery to obsession. We create important conversations about what’s now, what’s next, and what’s possible. Gather information on the RV you’re seeking, including its characteristics and floorplans. Compare the specs of two different RVs, or check out its recent photos.

What will you find here?

With rvspecs.org people will be able to get the most relevant information regarding the RV`s price, dimensions, holding tanks, expandable bunk, tires, battery, and much more! We know how hard sometimes it may be to find out the necessary characteristics of your personal RV, as we also were like you. 

But one day we decided to take the initiative and created this website where our team gathered all crucial details about trailers. Now you have a unique opportunity to know everything about recreational vehicles with just a few clicks!This website contains information about specific makes, types, and RVs manufacturers. As new data is added to this site, the information may change. We make every effort to keep this site up-to-date with the most accurate information available at any one moment. With regard to the usage of data or advice offered herein, no responsibility is assumed. Here on rvspecs.org our team cares about the readers and tries to work for them.

About the founder

Hey, I’m Terrence S. Pinckney, and I enjoy traveling! As a child, I always dreamed of driving across the country and now my job allows me to do just that! I’ve visited 12 states in the USA with my  RV and so became a true trailer specialist. I know a lot of insightful details about RVs and trailers, and I’m more than happy to share my knowledge with others. My team and I believe that it`s only the beginning of a big journey and we all will make this place more than just a website.